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What are the differences between Static websites and CMS websites?

There are two main types of websites - Static sites and Content Management System sites.  Both types have their advantages and disadvantages.

Before you decide what type of website you want, it's a good idea to spent some time thinking about what you want your website for.  What do you want your website to achieve?  Are you aiming to sell products, to make money from it?  Or are you setting up a website for yourself, your family, your business, an organisation, a band?

Static Websites

Are you're looking for an informational, brochure type of site, that doesn't need updating very often?  If this is the case, then a static site will probably suit your purpose very well. Each page is individually built in a local testing environment, using html and css, before the complete site is uploaded into its own web space on a server.

The main disadvantage with a static website is that any changes you require often have to be made on every page. Unless you know how to write html and cascading style sheets, then these changes will need to be made by a website designer. This can be laborious and is often expensive.

See an example of a static website here.

Content Management System Websites

If you can type a letter using a word processor, then you are well-qualified to upload your content (text and images, shop products, real estate listings) to a website designed within a content management system.

Unfortunately, though, unless you have previously designed a content management system website, it is unlikely that you will be able to undertake anything more technical that content upload and editing.  If you do want to add more sections, categories and menus to your website, then you will need the services of a cms specialist.

At Synergywebs we work with a variety of open source content management system packages. These include Joomla, Mambo, Mia, Open Realty, and Zencart.

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