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Static Websites - Additional Services

Additional Pages
£75.00 per page
Image Editing
£60.00 per hour
Embedded Images
£5.00 each
Sound Editing
£60.00 per hour
Embedded Sound Files
£5.00 each
Photo Gallery
From £200.00
Video Editing/Embedding
£60.00 per hour
Widgets: Embedding & Customisation
£75.00 per hour
Text Editing
£60.00 per hour
Logo Design
£60.00 per hour
Please get in touch for details
From £60.00 per hour
General Consultation
£70.00 per hour

To keep your website in peak condition and also fulfill your ongoing needs, a monthly maintenance contract is strongly recommended.

Alternatively, for one-off issues, General Consultations are available at an hourly rate of £70.00.