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Copy Writing and Editorial Services

SynergyWebs for Creative, Persuasive, Compelling Copy!

You need to get your website's message across clearly and powerfully, but you don't know how to do this...   If you're stuck for words, don't worry, we are here to help you effectively communicate your brand.

Our creative writing team have, between them, a wealth of professional media experience.  

Marilyn Gayle, an editor and graphic designer, spawned by early employment at the BBC and Rolling Stone magazine, has written numerous books and magazine articles, spanning a wide variety of topics, for print publication.   

Topics include Women's Liberation, Esoterica, Weapons and Warfare, Natural History, Politics, Travel, Fashion, also Hair and Beauty.  

Marilyn has written feature articles for various magazines.  These include 'Time Out' , 'marie claire', 'Chic', 'The Story of Pop', and 'Black Beauty and Hair Professional'.   Her books have been published by Octopus, Hutchinson, Ward Lock, Prism, Hamilton House and Grisewood & Dempsey.

Damien Gayle, Marilyn's son, currently works as a reporter for The Guardian newspaper. 

Previously, Damien has worked for a variety of dance music magazines and the NUJ Journal, as well local and national newspapers, including the Financial Times, The Express, The Sunday Express, the Daily Star and the Daily Mail. 

You can link to Damien's portfolio here.

SynergyWebs for Finely-Tuned Editing

Your readers don't want to be confronted with generalised, tedious, off-the-point waffle.