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About SynergyWebs

We are Marilyn and Damien Gayle (mother and son) and we have been building websites for over 14 years.

All our work is bespoke - templates, web pages and css style sheets are painstakingly hand-coded, so that your new website is uniquely yours.


Marilyn Gayle, copywriter, designer and developer for, has over 40 years freelance and salaried experience in book, magazine and newspaper publishing.

Marilyn's previous employers include the BBC, Rolling Stone Magazine, the Guardian newspaper, marie claire magazine and Time Out magazine.


Damien Gayle is a copywriter.  He is also employed as a reporter for The Guardian newspaper

Damien's previous employers include the following national newspapers:  The Financial Times, the Daily Express, the Daily Star and the Daily Mail.

You can link to Damien's blog here.